Workshop on Wheels on the Peninsula

February 22, 2017

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Workshop on Wheels on Peninsula pics

Dave Calvo with San Francisco Public Utilities Commission talks about the Ozone Upgrade System at
the Harry Tracy Plant in San Bruno, CA.


Neuros Turbo Blower; Digester Recuperative Thickening Process; Digester Linear Motion Mixer

South San Francisco Water Quality Control Plant – Manuel Dos Santos

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Building a New Industrial Plant

San Francisco International Airport Mel Leong Treatment Plant – George Engel

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New BNR/MBR Facility Design to Accommodate Storm-Flows

City of San Mateo & the City of Foster City Estero Municipal Improvement District – Pete Della-Betta

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Ozone System Upgrade

San Francisco Public Utility Commission Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant – Dave Calvo
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Recycled Water System

City of Daly City North San Mateo County Sanitation District – Greg Krauss
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