Star Utility Site Visit (Staff Development) – Union Sanitary District

October 23, 2012

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Cheryl Davis; Richard Currie, USD General Manager

USD’s Leadership School goals; upper management engagement; selection process; program components

Larry Simmers

Handout: Program Description, Selection Process, and Implementation

In-house Workshops

Judi Berzon

Mentoring Component

  • Feedback from mentors & LS participants
  • Program Results

Donna Wies

Handout: Description of the Mentoring Component

Next Steps

Larry Simmers


Q & A

Group & Presenters

Debrief of Leadership School presentation—relevance to you and applicability to your utility

Discuss in small groups
Report out

Management Succession Planning

  • Goals
  • Deputy General Manager
  • Development of internal candidates

Judi Berzon

Q & A and debrief of succession planning presentation

Q & A; all provide comments


Cheryl Davis