North Bay Workshop on Wheels

November 14, 2013

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North Bay BAYWORK Workshop on Wheels a Resounding Success

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Treating Wastewater for Non-potable Reuse

Gary Wettstein
Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District
Handout | Survey

Serving Recycled Water for Innovative Uses

Jim Kenney
Marin Municipal Water District

De-Chlorination of Effluent Using Engineered Wetlands

Matt Pierce
City of Petaluma
Presentation | Survey

Lunch at Miwok Park

Actiflo Process and Chlorine Dioxide

Marco Jennison
North Marin Water District
Handout | Survey

Food Waste to Energy

Chris Finton
Central Marin Sanitation Agency
Presentation | Survey

Wastewater Conveyance Infrastructure Planning

Using Risk Minimization and Level of Service Criteria
Greg Norby
Ross Valley Sanitation District
Presentation | Survey

BAYWORK On-Line Forum

Raj Singh
City of San Jose