Maintenance and Asset Management Workshop: Another successful BAYWORK event

Our members tell us that networking and staff preparedness training are some of the most important benefits they receive through BAYWORK. On May 30th, nearly 100 Bay Area Water Industry staff from 32 utilities and organizations gathered in Napa to attend the second BAYWORK Maintenance and Asset Management Workshop.  According to one participant, “The opportunity to see what software and management strategies other agencies are using was very helpful. I learned about a few tools that would improve some of my work.”

The workshop featured presentations from representatives of Napa Sanitation District, Santa Clara Valley Water District, Ross Valley Sanitary District, and Central Contra Costa Sanitary District.


The workshop included small group discussions with report-outs.

Robert Scott, BAYWORK Staff Preparedness Chair, facilitated the workshop, in which participants learned about best practices from asset management programs in pump maintenance, creek management, and pipelines and vaults.  Presenters also shared information on how to phase in a program, as well as scheduling and asset management software.

Robert Scott, BAYWORK Staff Preparedness Chair, facilitated the Maintenance and Asset Management Workshop.

“I thought this year’s workshop was energizing because many left the event with something they could take back to their organization and implement,” said Robert. “BAYWORK puts on workshops like this, so that our workers — our greatest assets — have the resources they need to develop, organize and execute strategies that extend the lifespan of their physical assets!”

Copies of the presentation along with video of the day can be found on the BAYWORK website at under “Past Events.”