Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to Support Knowledge Management and Optimize Use of Staff Resources Available

November 3, 2011

"Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Global Positioning Systems (GPS) * The Experience of Building a GIS for a Wastewater Treatment Plant Tim Hayes - City of San Jose Environmental Services Department How to use GIS technology to create a one-stop shop for data on all pipes, duct banks, fiber optic lines, valves, and more. * How GIS Improves the Reliability of Our Wastewater Collection System Carl Von Stetten - Central Contra Costa Sanitary District How to utilize GIS in order to improve the reliability of wastewater collection systems. * GIS at San Jose Water Company Jeff Hobbs - San Jose Water Company How the San Jose Water Company utilizes technological innovations, such as web portals and GPS. 3rd West Coast Water Utilities Workshop on Workforce Development, 2011."


File Type: pdf
Author: Tim Hayes, Carl Von Stetten, Jeff Hobbs
Organization: City of San Jose Environmental Services Department, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District, San Jose Water Company
Signatory: Contra Costa Water District, City of San Jose, San Jose Water Company
Organizational Processes: Documentation, Innovation to Optimize Staff Utilization, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Sharing Systems, Technical Training