The Chair’s Corner

Ingrid Bella, Outgoing BAYWORK Chair

Valley Water



“BAYWORK is awesome!” is just one of many comments I have heard over the years and most recently from a panel member at the Arizona Water Association Annual Conference, where I had the privilege of being invited to present on BAYWORK.

It has been an honor to be one of many ambassadors showcasing our wonderful model of collaboration, innovation, and passion for workforce reliability.  Through visits to other states, water industry conferences, or meetings with our signatories, the message is clear. BAYWORK is an excellent tool to help us move the needle forward on succession planning and staff preparedness.

I have so enjoyed working with some of the most creative, passionate, smart and dedicated people from our participating utilities over the years.  I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed to take the helm in 2015 when Cheryl Davis retired, but with the support and enthusiasm of the BAYWORK leadership team, we were able to carry on and build on the firm foundation that Cheryl helped create.

At my last Annual Signatory Meeting as BAYWORK’s Chair I was very proud to once again showcase the value BAYWORK provides, and also to engage the signatories in planning for the future.

The list of partners and collaborators is too long to name, but please know that I am grateful for the work all have done. I know BAYWORK will continue to be “awesome” with our new Chair, Catherine Curtis, and Vice-Chair, Robert Scott.