North Bay, Wow!

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The City of Petaluma is preparing to process digester gas into Compressed Natural Gas.


On October 16th forty-five employees of water and wastewater utilities participated in the BAYWORK Workshop on Wheels (WOW).  Over the course of this day-long event we got to see and discuss innovative processes being used at four North Bay utilities. Participants appreciated the opportunity to visit a variety of facilities – large and small, water as well as wastewater — and to hear from both operations and maintenance.

Our day started at Napa San where staff demonstrated their process for lining failed laterals, actually performing the operation on a demonstration pipe. Next we visited the City of Napa’s EIB/Jamieson Canyon Water Treatment Plant where staff had designed and built a new closed-loop cooling system for their ozone generators. The system replaced an old one that had experienced repeated failures.  One of the advantages to designing and building their own system, as opposed to contracting the work out, was that staff are now thoroughly familiar with the operation of the unit. We then made our way to the City of Petaluma’s Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility, where the city is in the final stages of installing equipment to convert digester gas into Compressed Natural Gas which will be used to power the city’s garbage trucks. 

After a lunch break at a nearby park, our bus headed to the Sonoma County Water Agency’s treatment facility in Santa Rosa to see a unique microfiltration process attached to a pond system. Implementing this new technology was driven by the need to address permit changes and lower turbidity limits.  The microfiltration process had rarely been used on a pond-based wastewater system, creating plenty of challenges.  But the end result is very high-quality recycled water.

BAYWORK’s Workshops on Wheels are one of our most popular activities, allowing staff from agencies throughout the Bay Area to see new technology and processes in action and to talk with the people who are using them.  The WOWs are also great networking opportunities and, of course, there are free CE credits for those who need them.  We plan to hold a WOW in a different region this spring so keep your eye on our website for the announcement.