The Chair’s Corner

Despite the demands of our regular jobs and the pull of the holidays, BAYWORK has been hard at work.  I am always amazed at the talent and passion that our signatories have for making things happen for the current and future workforce in our industry.

BAYWORK’s engine are the men and women that carve out a bit of their time each month to be part of a committee, attend an event, draft bylaws, respond to unexpected issues, and are all about solving problems and getting things done.  We also couldn’t do what we do without our wonderful consultants like Kory Louckes-Powell from As Needed Services and Allen Wong from AGS who are dedicated to helping us complete our initiatives.

In addition to the many accomplishments reflected in this quarter’s newsletter, please note that our executive and subcommittees have been hard at work developing metrics, bylaws changes, and a proposed fee schedule to present at our Annual Signatory Meeting in June 2019.  Our business manager, Michael Kushner, has been doing a great job herding us to make progress on these sometimes complex discussions.

There is much to look forward to in 2019, so please enjoy this second edition of our newsletter and I will take this opportunity to wish you and your families a joyous holiday and prosperous new year!

– Ingrid Bella – BAYWORK Chair (SCVWD)