Curriculum for Kindergarten – 5th Grade

All curriculum on the BAYWORK website were produced by the BAYWORK signatory agencies and their community partners.


Big Ideas (K-12)

In partnership with the Center for Ecoliteracy, the SFPUC created “Big Ideas” to serve as a resource for curriculum developers, teachers and schools. The idea for the book is prompted by our commitment to foster the next generation of environmental stewards and provide a water, power and sewer framework for Grades K-12. “Big Ideas” is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.
Keywords: stewardship
District: SFPUC

Our Water Curriculum (4-6)

“Our Water” is designed to teach 4th–6th grade students about San Francisco’s water resources and the importance of conservation. It is a unique, interdisciplinary unit that supports CA Standards.
Keywords: conservation, water, lesson
District: SFPUC

Watershed Stewardship Curriculum (K-12)

The Watershed Stewardship Curriculum was designed to teach children lessons pertaining to watershed awareness, green stormwater management, pollution awareness and prevention, and water conservation. Lessons within this curriculum can be adapted for kindergarten through 6th grade, and beyond.
Keywords: stewardship, lesson plan, water conservation, watershed
District: SFPUC

You Can’t Live A Day Without Me (K-13)

A fun, upbeat music video that provides a general overview how San Francisco Sewer System works.
– Keywords: sewer, wastewater, video
– District: SFPUC

Juegos de Agua (K-2)

This Spanish version of “Water Play” is a colorful, 16-page workbook featuring water awareness and appreciation activities across several disciplines. It includes messages to be decoded, puzzles, crosswords and mazes.
– Keywords: water awareness, Spanish, worksheet, workbook
– District: Within EBMUD only