Senior Engineer – Imported Water

Valley Water | San Jose, CA

Salary Range: $12,414.13 - $15,891.20 Monthly
Open Date: 08/18/2021
Close Date: 09/13/2021

Position Description

Senior Engineer – Imported Water

Valley Water

Salary: $12,414.13 – $15,891.20 Monthly

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Number: 01330-E

Location: CA, CA

Department: Water Supply

Closing: 9/13/2021 11:59 PM Pacific

Imported Water Unit (Position Code 0714)

Valley Water, one of the largest water utilities in the nation, serving over 2 million people in the south bay area in the heart of California, is looking for a Senior Engineer in its Imported Water Unit.

Valley Water provides water supply, enhances streams and watersheds through creek restoration and habitat protection, and provides flood protection for homes, schools, businesses, and roadways. In addition, Valley Water partners with other agencies to provide trails and open space for the community.

The Senior Engineer position in the Imported Water Unit provides a leadership role in: (1) protecting and promoting Valley Water’s interests in its imported water contracts with an emphasis on engineering and operations of state and federal water projects; (2) sustaining imported water supplies consistent with Valley Water’s water supply planning efforts; (3) engaging in statewide evaluation of water supply planning efforts, including evaluating operational and engineering components of new conveyance and storage facilities; (4) coordinating with raw water operations engineers to improve the efficient integration of imported water supplies with Valley Water Operations; and (5) minimizing imported water costs.

An important part of this job is maintaining working relationships with other water districts, as well as local, state, and federal agencies. This position may require extensive travel.

Key Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Represent Valley Water in meetings and committees; participate in technical and engineering work conducted by coalitions of agencies; provide a leadership role for Valley Water in technical negotiations.
• Participate in meetings and conference calls of the State Water Contractors (SWC), San Luis & Delta-Mendota water authority (SL&DMWA), and other organizations, and maintain external relationships needed to stay well informed of current issues being addressed.
• Review technical and policy documents, draft written material, perform analyses, and contribute appropriately and reliably to joint agency efforts.
• Make appropriate recommendations to Valley Water staff and Board members who serve on committees and Boards of external organizations.
• Exercise appropriate discretion in representing Valley Water’s interests in legal or legislative proceedings, and in discussing issues with the media.
• Perform analyses of complex technical, operational, financial, economic, and other information as needed to support Imported Water projects including state and regional planning efforts.
• Review and analyze computer modeling results, including appropriateness of input, assumptions and modeling methods. Specify output requirements.
• Prepare appropriate computer spreadsheets to analyze operational, economic, or other information to understand costs, benefits, risks and constraints of proposed projects and programs.
• Review and comment on planning documents including CEQA and NEPA documents.
• Research current technical information, historical files, legislative histories, and other sources as needed to prepare analyses and reports.
• Organize and manage technical work to support the development, negotiation and administration of water supply contracts and cooperative agreements with other agencies, or other imported water projects.
• Understand the administrative, financial and operational requirements of existing water supply contracts and follow through with assigned actions to ensure compliance.
• Support the negotiation of water supply contracts and cooperative agreements with other water districts, State and Federal agencies, and other interests as needed to protect existing imported water supplies and to sustain imported water supplies consistent with Board policies.
• Prepare and complete environmental and other documentation needed to obtain approvals and finalize contracts and agreements.
• Hire and manage consultant resources as needed to accomplish work priorities.
• Give oral presentations of technical information to Valley Water staff, board of Directors, retail water agencies, and others.
• Coordinate and communicate with Valley Water staff and consultants to address assigned areas.
• Communicate in a timely way with Imported Water Program manager and staff, other internal Valley Water staff, and consultants as needed to ensure good coordination of work.
• Coordinate preparation and administration of the Imported Water Program budget with staff in unit and others.

Ideal Candidate’s Background Includes:
Applicants whose experience and background best match the ideal experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, and education are considered ideal candidates for the position. To determine the top candidates, each applicant will be assessed based on the ideal candidate criteria as listed below.

Ideal Experience:
Six (6) years of experience in water resources, civil engineering, imported water, or a related field, including at least two (2) years of lead responsibility.

Ideal Skills and Abilities:

• Strong organizational, written, and verbal communication skills.
• Set priorities and exercise sound independent judgment.
• Build and maintain strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
• Perform complex professional engineering analysis as a subject matter expert in engineering, operations, and planning and analysis associated with state and federal water supply projects to ensure water supplies are reliably available to meet current demands.
• Coordinate a variety of activities with state and federal water project operators to ensure appropriate timing, volume, conveyance approach, and identification of imported deliveries to Valley Water and potential partners.
• Coordinate with Raw Water Operations Unit on preparation and submittal of schedules for deliveries of imported water.
• Direct, manage, and participate in cross-functional, complex, and strategic water resource management projects and programs, including state and federal long-term water supply projects, integrated regional water management, capital project planning, and/or imported water management.
• Plan and review and ensure accuracy of operations plans and direct modeling efforts as needed to analyze feasibility of operating alternatives.
• Prepare and present written and graphic material to support Imported Water projects and programs.
• Write clear letters, reports, memos, and agenda memoranda to communicate results of analyses, recommendations, and other information.
• Prepare appropriate graphs, charts and other visual aids using PowerPoint and other tools.
• Use technology appropriately.
• Understand which information is confidential or critical to ongoing negotiations, and which is public.

Ideal Knowledge:

• Familiarity with operations, regulations, policies, and issues related to the Central Valley Project and State Water Project.
• Operations of a large water utility, including groundwater, surface water, and storage operations.
• Principles, practices, theories, and concepts of civil and water resources engineering including hydrology and hydraulics.
• Principles, practices, theories, and concepts applied in the planning and managing of water supplies.
• Operations and activities related to water supply, storage, and facilities.
• Civil engineering theory and design concepts for flood control/hydraulic structures, pipelines, and dams.
• Methods and techniques of negotiating, implementing, and ensuring compliance with water supply contracts and water pricing policy.
• Pertinent federal, state, and local laws, codes, and regulations that affect imported water operations and planning.
• Computer software applications that evaluate flow and deliveries of water supply and water quality.

Ideal Training and Education:
Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with major coursework in civil, environmental, or water resources engineering.

Required License or Certificate

Possess and maintain a valid license as a Professional Civil Engineer issued by the California Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists.Possession of, or ability to obtain, an appropriate, valid California driver’s license. Individuals who do not meet the driver’s license requirement due to a disability will be considered for a reasonable accommodation on a case-by-case basis.

To review the Job Description Specification, please click Sr Eng Imported Water 5-2019.pdf

Selection Process

(1) The selection process may include one or more of the following: application review, application assessment, performance exercise, written exercise and/or interview.
(2) The Employment Application, Qualifying Information Questions and/or Supplemental Questions will be evaluated based on the ideal candidate criteria listed above. Resumes are highly recommended.

NOTE: Position and start date is subject to availability of funds. Valley Water retains the right to re-post this position as deemed necessary.
Consideration may be given to existing applicant pools within the same classification.

Valley Water’s Equal Opportunity Non-Discrimination Policy is available for review upon request.

Valley Water will make reasonable efforts in the examination process to accommodate persons with disabilities. Please advise Human Resources in advance of any special needs by calling 408-630-2260.

Please be aware that once submitted all application materials become the property of Valley Water and will not be returned. Human Resources staff are not authorized to make copies of application materials for applicants.

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