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BAYWORK has assembled a wide of variety of educational resources for use by teachers and career counselors.   Water and wastewater utilities need skilled workers in order to provide clean water to our communities and protect the environment. Mission-critical jobs in engineering and skilled trades require  math, science, and English skills. We  hope these materials will support your efforts to provide students with the skills they will need for successful careers, and make them aware of the great jobs available in the water industry.

Field Trips

Give your students a behind-the-scenes look at the processes and people who make sure we have clean water and that the dirty water is treated for the sake of the environment.

Many Baywork agencies offer field trips! Check out the list here

Guest Speakers

Need a unique guest speaker?  Volunteers from BAYWORK agencies can talk about a wide variety of water and wastewater topics.

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Water and wastewater curriculum resources can be found here

We have complete Teacher’s Guides  and editable Student Worksheets to help you teach important skills in math and science.   In addition, we provide more general water-related curriculum (e.g., related to watersheds, water conservation, and water resource planning) that you can build into your curriculum to provide a real-world context for skills that you are trying to teach.

Tiny Bubbles 

This lesson introduces students to linear functions in the context of water pressure vs. water tank’s height

Teacher’s Guide (PDF)

Teacher’s Guide (Word .docx)

Student Workbook (PDF)

Student Workbook (Word .docx)

Intro Video

Go with the Flow

Water Treatment Operators have to know how long it will take for water to get from one place to another based on “flow rate”, which is measured in millions of gallons per day (MGD).  This lesson introduces students to flow rate calculations incorporating concepts of volume and unit conversion.

Teacher’s Guide (.PDF)

Teacher’s Guide (Word .docx)

Student Workbook (PDF)

Student Workbook (Word .docx)

Intro Video

Career Resources

It is challenging for students, parents, teachers, and counselors to determine what career will work best for a particular individual, then find the resources necessary to achieve that goal. This section features resources BAYWORK has prepared to explain the important work done by engineers and skilled trades workers in the water industry, the skills needed to perform the work, and where students and job-seekers can find the training needed in order to prepare for these jobs. The Careers Section also provides links to current job openings (both internships and permanent positions).

Useful Links:

Vocational Training Map

Available Internships

Career Posters / Brochures / Posters / Guides 

Workshop on Wheel for Educators

Creating Relevant, Contextualized Curriculum

Contextualized Learning How-to Guide