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Wastewater Operator Grade 3 Exam Review

March 12 – 14 2018
The grade 3 exam is known as a difficult exam for both the experienced and new learner. This 3-day class is focused on specific wastewater theories, common practices, cost analysis, upset troubleshooting, process optimization and includes extensive essay & math preparation. Complex problems are broken down, and easy to remember solutions are taught. In this class, expect to receive:
21 contact hours with a SWRCB Grade 5 licensed professional
Over a hundred practice questions
Online practice exams made available for additional studying
In-depth essay discussions and an extensive math training course included

Date of Event: 3/12/2018
Time of Event: 0815
Location of Training: Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant 6040 Vaca Station Road Vacaville, Ca 95625

Attendance and Cost

Course Open To: Public
Cost: 600
CEU or Contact Hours Awarded (If applicable): 21 contact hours

Additional Information

Agency Hosting Event: City of Vacaville
Contact Name: Ben Carver

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