Transmission and Distribution Line Worker

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission | San Francisco

Salary Range: $120,588.00/year
Open Date: 10/11/2018
Close Date: 10/31/2018

Position Description

Under general supervision, the 7350 Transmission and Distribution Line Worker leads and performs journey level skilled line work in the installation, construction, maintenance and repair of high voltage overhead transmission and underground distribution lines, as well as rigging blocks, splicing wires and operating hydraulic lift buckets, and other related duties as required. This position will perform emergency response to power outages and damaged equipment as well as perform street light O&M and emergency repair.

Essential functions:

Installs, repairs, and maintains high tension overhead transmission systems, related feeder lines, towers and poles; performs such maintenance activities when lines are energized as well as de-energized

Maintains, operates, and adjusts electrical transmission and primary power substations ranging from 600 to 230,000 voltage, including circuit brakers, relays, batteries, and controls
Installs and maintains underground and overhead distribution power lines and feeders and related auxiliary equipment; locates and isolates faulty sections and removes, installs and makes corrections where necessary

Installs watt-hour meter systems, connects potential transformers, current transformers, phase shifting transformers, test switches, reactive meters, demand meters, and watt hour meters

Maintains, operates, and repairs high voltage street light system

Installs and maintains street lighting systems including circuits, poles, arms, and luminaries

Patrols, tests, inspects, repairs, and replaces overhead and underground transmission and distribution lines circuits

Maintains electronic utility power generation and transmission systems, and related components, including circuit brakers, relays, switches, and fuses, transformers, busses, and underground cables, feeders, and associated equipment

Drives various types of departmental vehicles

Position Qualifications

1a. Two years of verifiable work experience as a journey-level line worker, with pole and transmission systems ranging from 600 to 230,000volts, with responsibility for construction, installation, maintenance and repair of overhead and underground lines; OR

1b. Completion of a State certified electrical line apprenticeship program; AND

2. Possession of a valid California driver’s license.

How to Apply
Contact Email:
Website: 525 Golden Gate Ave, 3rd Floor