Charter and Signatories

BAYWORK’s charter states that “the operational reliability of water and wastewater utilities depends on having both sufficient staffing in mission-critical classifications and staff who are sufficiently prepared to do their work”. Twenty-eight signatory agencies collectively have agreed to establish the Bay Area Water/Wastewater Workforce Development Collaborative (BAYWORK) and work collaboratively to achieve the following:

  • Create a unified voice for Bay Area water/wastewater agencies in workforce development plans that affect the region;
  • Develop and implement programs and  strategies that support development of  high-performance workforces;
  • Develop and implement cost-effective programs that ensure sufficient numbers of qualified prepared staff to meet our responsibilities to our customers, our communities, and the environment;
  • Build relationships with partners and stakeholders (e.g., educational institutions, the Department of Labor, and workforce development boards) to effectively implement workforce development programs;
  • Provide a forum and framework to discuss workforce development issues and hold workshops on pertinent topics; and
  • Document, coordinate, and communicate existing and planned programs and activities being implemented in the Bay Area on workforce development.
  • The signatories welcome other water/wastewater agencies in the Bay Area to participate in the Bay Area Water/Wastewater Workforce Development Collaborative.


Baywork Signatories

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